Tibet Permit and Visa

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Tibet Permit and Visa

Tourists should have a six-month validity passport to apply for the visa/permit. Tourists are not allowed to enter Tibet only with Chinese visas so a special group visa/permit is required to enter Tibet. The visa processing is initiated only after you book a trip with a reliable travel agency.

The Chinese embassy in Kathmandu works on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday between 09.30 to 11.00 am.

Tibet Visa Fee is effective from 01.April.2009:



(5 working days)


(3 working days)

Top Urgent

(same day)

For US Nationality

US$ 142

US$ 164

US$ 198

For Other Nationality

US$ 58

US$ 80

US$ 114

For Nepalese

Rs. 2750

Rs. US$ 4450

Rs. 5350

NOTE: We must receive scan copy of the passport at least 15 prior to the departure time.

We do not recommend our clients apply for Chinese visas from their own countries because individual Chinese visas will be canceled while issuing group visas from Kathmandu.

Important Issues about Tibet Travel Permit:

  1. All kinds of people can get Tibet to permit through a travel agency except diplomats, journalists, and government officials who should travel to Tibet under the arrangement by the Foreign Affairs Office of the Tibet Government.
  2. After having a permit, a travel agency could buy the air tickets, and you can pass the check-in at the airport and the checkpoint reroute with the permit.
  3. Only the guide could hold the permit after you establish yourself on Tibet land. You are not allowed to bring with it and travel anywhere because except Lhasa you need another permit named as “Aliens permit”. Otherwise, if you are stopped by the police, you will be sent out of Tibet or have trouble politically and economically.

All arrangements within Tibet are solely at the discretion of the China Tibet Tourism Bureau (CTTB), a government organization and we have no control over the quality of the vehicles or the facilities. Asiana Nepal Treks & Expedition Pvt. Ltd reserves the right to change itineraries without advance notice, depending on the weather and road conditions, etc.