Visa and Permit

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Visa and Permit

All visitors traveling to Bhutan are required to obtain a visa and it is processed and arranged by us. No foreign mission grants Bhutan tourist visas.

We will handle the visa procedures for you. The Govt. will sanction the VISA only after the receipt of full payment in advance. The cost of the visa itself is US $20, which can be further extended with an additional fee of US $15. The Visa fee should be paid along with the tour payment and the actual Bhutan VISA will be stamped in your passport on arrival at Paro airport.

For all travelers, entering into the country by road through Phuntsholing (border town in the south of Bhutan), the visa is stamped on arrival and Visa Clearance Number is forwarded to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Thimphu.

Visa applications must reach Bhutan at least three weeks prior to your arrival date to allow time for processing

Special Permits

Most countries issue visas from their embassies abroad and stamp them in your passport, but not Bhutan. Bhutanese embassies abroad cannot issue Visas for travel to Bhutan.

You must apply in advance through a tour operator and receive approval before you travel to Bhutan.